Getting The Best Lockers For Your Campus Recreation Center

Campus Recreation Center

Many colleges and universities provide a campus recreation center, or even multiple centers, depending on the size of the campus. At each center, students and faculty need lockers to store their books and other belongings while they participate in the activities the center offers.

Match Locker Type to Use

Selecting lockers that are appropriate for the center’s specific activities should be a key factor in your choice of lockers to install. For example, a center that offers tennis, golf, and/or other competitive sports calls for lockers that allow for a change of clothing—and 72” tall single-tier lockers are ideal for that purpose.

Or, if your campus recreation center houses a pool, sauna, and/or steam room, you should strongly consider plastic lockers to resist damage from high humidity. For a less-expensive alternative, you could select galvannealed steel lockers, which also resist corrosion.

Perhaps the center is for activities that don’t require a change of clothing—such as board games or simply watching movies. In this case, small triple-tier lockers would likely suffice to allow for students to store their book bags, laptops, or other minimal belongings.

Consider Style

There’s also the matter of what atmosphere you want to create. For example, if the center is at a prestigious school, you might want a “country club” feel and choose all-wood lockers with trim.

Limited budgets doesn’t mean you can’t focus on style. For example, less-expensive metal lockers can be painted in the school’s colors to reinforce school spirit and brighten the locker room.

Weigh All Considerations

When deciding on the best locker type for your center, you must first know your budget, the physical space available, and the number of lockers you’ll need. These are the basics, but you still have important decisions to make based on the activities being supported and appearance.

A company that specializes in locker room equipment, design, installation, and maintenance can provide valuable assistance as you evaluate your options. Installing lockers in a campus recreation center is an investment, and a locker expert can help ensure you get the best value and functionality for your money.

Photo Credit: Lockers in Building