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theft in locker rooms

3 Keys to Minimizing Theft In Your School’s Locker Rooms

Theft in locker rooms is a crime of opportunity. Therefore, security is a major consideration when designing and outfitting school locker rooms.

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locker rooms refurbishing

Locker Rooms: When To Know If They Need Refurbishing

If the paint on your school or club gym lockers is flaking, peeling, or chipping, they need a refurbishment. Even if the paint has just grown dull and worn-looking with age, a locker refurbishment can breathe new life into the locker room.

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Getting The Best Lockers For Your Campus Recreation Center

Many colleges and universities provide a campus recreation center, or even multiple centers, depending on the size of the campus. At each center, students and faculty need lockers to store their books and other belongings while they participate in the activities the center offers.

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Health care office solutions: Replace or Repair Nurses Lockers?

Deciding when to replace nurses’ lockers isn’t an easy decision because old lockers can be repaired. A company with experience in locker room repair can do wonders for aging lockers that are broken or damaged.

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What Are The 5 Types Of Employee Lockers For Health Care Interiors?

If you are looking for lockers for your health care interiors, there are a few lockers that you may consider purchasing.

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locker rooms metal plastic

Designing Locker Rooms: Deciding Between Metal Or Plastic lockers

Deciding between plastic or metal lockers for your locker rooms? Well, depending on where you are putting the lockers is key to what type of locker to choose. Here are 3 tips to help decide which locker is best for your location:

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