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Top 3 Casework Trends For Health Care Interiors

Casework in health care interiors is evolving for the better. Designers are paying more attention than ever to how casework integrates with the operations of the overall facility, so it’s no surprise that the following top casework trends for health care interiors are all intrinsically tied to improving patient care and staff efficiency.

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Portable Office Partitions For Health Care Interiors

If you’re looking to cut costs while designing your health care interiors, one superior option to investigate is the smart use of office partitions.

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7 Earth Friendly Facts About Amcase Casework Products For Your Health Care Facility Design

As in most things, when it comes to environmentally-friendly construction, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. If you’re looking for a green health care facility design, the best approach is to do it from the ground up: using earth-friendly products at every stage in the construction will allow you to maximize your benefits now, and minimize the chances of environmental problems at a later date.

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Healthcare Furnishings: Designing the Casework System To Fit Your Needs

When designing healthcare furnishings, your system of casework plays a vital role in the effectiveness of the design. More than almost any other industry, healthcare facilities demand casework to be of adequate size and in the exactly right location. In healthcare, there’s no time for casework that causes delays in access to critical medicine, equipment, and other supplies.

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