School Security

Recent events in the news have reinforced something that we all already know, security in your educational facility is a primary concern, and one that cannot be ignored. Young Equipment Solutions can provide you with the following security solutions:

  • Security Booths
  • Security Desks
  • Weapon Storage: Maximize your storage, workspace and security. Our high density storage solution provides a maximum level of security in an organized and efficient storage footprint.
  • HD coat rods and hooks in lockers for bullet proof vests
  • Barriers
  • Blackout Controller Shades: Exposure of unshaded windows can pose a security risk, putting staff, students and valuable equipment in a vulnerable position. Young Equipment has the solution in both manual and motorized models with features like Automatic Sun Sensor Control, Digital Programmable Timers, Infrared and Radio Frequency Remote Control, and Smart Motor Systems.

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