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It’s More Than Just A Library, It’s A Learning Commons


The role of the school library is ever expanding, let Young Equipment Solutions help you prepare for the new way to learn.

The Days of libraries functioning as auxiliary to a student’s education have gone, and in many schools, the library, now called a Learning Commons, has come to take center stage. The learning commons model represents a new stage in the changing role of the school library. Books are still very important, but the space is not dominated by row after row of towering stacks.



There are more commons areas that allow students and teachers to do more collaborative work. Is your school ready for the change? If not, it might be time to upgrade your library furniture, and even layout, to prepare your facility, and your students, for the future! The experts at Young Equipment Solutions can handle everything your Learning Commons needs from designing new and updated floor plans and layouts, to installation of new lighting and equipment to ensure that the students you teach have the most up-to-date learning environment.

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