Got Theater?

Do we do projection screens? YES.

A little education – projectors and projection screens.
Old school TV’s -the ones we all grew up with, have a 4:3 aspect ratio,  pretty much a square box just elongated a bit – if the TV was 4’ wide, it would be 3’ high – OK no one had a TV that big in the 70’s or 80’s but you get the idea.

Now, High Def TV’s are 16:9 aspect ratio – if the TV is 8’ wide, it’s 4.5’ high (16’ wide x 9’ high). Most laptops today are 16:10 aspect ratio – you get the idea.

The first question to ask is how the end user intends to project onto the screen. Typically it is via high def projector either being fed from a Blu-Ray player (movies – 16:9) or a feed from a laptop (16:10). The future will guaranteed be 16:9 or 16:10 until we get true 3D without glasses (can’t wait!).

Anyway, when someone asks can you get a 10’ x 10’ replacement screen the answer is yes, but I plan on spending most of my time in the future not in the past… 4:3 is dead.

ALL sizes are relatively interchangeable, and this is why you may see a long rectangular picture on a giant square screen. The screen was based on old technology and the picture is based on new technology. There are also screen surfaces that are better for high def projection.

So when someone asks “Do you sell projectors and/or projection screens?”

YEP. Got Theater.

Oh, and why is it that my 55” high def TV is not 55”W x 41”H? Because the 55” is a diagonal measurement – so using the Pythagorean Theorem, “A squared plus B squared = C squared” , it works out pretty darn close to 48”W x 27”H.

Go measure it! And my kids say Geometry is a waste of time.

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