Classroom Environment – A New Approach

The physical layout and environment of classrooms in general unequivocally relate to the academic achievement of its students. We have witnessed a rapid change in the social and cultural aspects of our society in addition to some phenomenal advances in communication and information technologies. These factors have contributed to shape the teaching and operating cultures of our schools especially in the classroom, library and cafeterias. This has created a shift on our expectations of the physical learning environment for our students in the 21st century.

These spaces that we can help you design will put a greater emphasis on the learning styles of the 21st century. This new approach incorporates many diverse yet purposeful spaces for individual and group activities which support collaboration between students and educators. We mix the use of traditional space, space that allows the ease of access to technology and finally space that supports a sense of community within the classroom layout.

We also create safe, secure and private spaces within the school whether it is in the library, cafeteria, or open spaces that allow the children as well as the teachers to come together and share ideas. This approach creates a space that facilitates additional contributions to teachers work. These spaces encourage the formation of social and professional relationships and the sharing of information and knowledge.

There is no one size fits all classroom solution. There are an astounding amount of options to optimize your student’s opportunities for learning.