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Three Points to Consider When Renovating an Employee Locker Room

Many employers—realizing the productivity gains and healthcare savings that come with helping employees be active—are providing on-site gyms or outdoor exercise facilities. This, of course, means that locker rooms are needed. When planning or renovating an employee locker room, you should be aware of three things.

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How to Plan and Design a Healthcare Science Lab

Often, when an institution begins to plan for a new or renovated Science Lab for their Healthcare Facility, they enlist the help of a Lab Planner, their in-house Engineering Team or an Architectural Firm that may be under contract with their organization. And before a project begins, some preliminary work must be to determine the type on project that will evolve.

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How to Plan and Design an R & D Laboratory

        A majority of R & D Facilities have their own engineering department that will initially be involved with a renovation or a re-design of an R& D Laboratory.  A larger facility that may be planning a larger renovation or an expansion would probably start with an architectural firm that specializes in […]

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