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The role of the school library is ever expanding, let YES help you prepare for the new way to learn.

“We are hoping that this learning commons model really becomes the way we do the library media program,” said Fran Kompar, the district’s K-12 coordinator of library media services. “It is imperative that the library media specialist has time with the kids and teachers in order to make that change.”

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Classroom Design: From Greek to Chic

When we imagine some of the greatest thinkers of all time, we often envision the great Greek philosophers…Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras….  These scholars did not stand in the front of a classroom, gazing upon rows and rows of interested faces.  These men taught in such a way as to evoke the exchange of ideas, creative […]

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Classroom Environment – A New Approach

The physical layout and environment of classrooms in general unequivocally relate to the academic achievement of its students. We have witnessed a rapid change in the social and cultural aspects of our society in addition to some phenomenal advances in communication and information technologies. These factors have contributed to shape the teaching and operating cultures […]

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Are your Playgrounds up to Code?

Playgrounds should be safe and fun for children, a place for them to grow and develop their skills by providing exciting challenges. The best way to ensure a child’s safety on a playground is by doing two things: always having proper adult supervision and setting up routine safety inspections. It is estimated that there are […]

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Designing a High School Science Lab

Many High Schools are currently utilizing science labs that have been in use for generations. While some labs stand the test of time, often, the constant use, and exposure to heat and chemicals, means that lab need to be replaced. Do you have a science room in your High School that suffers from the following […]

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Operable Partition Safety And You. What You Need To Know!

It is a well know fact that New York State Requires Safety Devices on Operable Partition and Gym Curtains.  This is enforced by the New York State Education Department. History:   In January 2011, a 12 year –old Ithaca boy was trapped between a folding gymnasium   partition and a wall.  His death prompted a […]

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message boards for lobbies

Choosing the Right Message Boards For Your School’s Lobby

Nothing says school pride like an eye-catching electronic message board located right in the school’s lobby. Message boards are not only attractive, they provide a unique and versatile notification system.

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near deadly turkey prank

Young Equipment Sales Distributing Near-Deadly Turkey Prank Victim’s New Book to Long Island Schools

It has been seven years since the near-deadly turkey prank committed by then 17 year old Ryan Cushing. On the night of November 13th, 2004, Cushing, along with a small group of friends, threw a store-bought turkey out of a speeding car, landing it through the windshield of 44 year old victim Victoria Ruvolo, shattering every bone in her face.

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operable wall safety

Operable Wall and Gym Door Safety

Motorized operable walls that can extend and fold up automatically are a great way to temporarily divide a large space for multiple uses. But they can also be a danger.

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choosing classroom chairs

Choose Classroom Chairs With These Tips In Mind

Choosing which classroom chairs to buy is an important decision. After all, students spend the majority of their time at school sitting in them.

As you search out the best choice for you, these are key factors to consider.

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