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How to Design a Physical Education Locker Room

There are many variations of lockers available on the market, so how do you choose just the right one? When it comes to choosing or designing lockers for Physical Education class applications, there are size and security considerations. Following are some guidelines to help you make an informed decision: Size: For Physical Education lockers, you […]

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football locker room

How to Design a Football Locker Room

A school’s success on the football field is usually a particular point of pride for a school, so it only stands to reason that a school would want its football team to have the best resources possible—including luxurious locker rooms.

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Protect From Break-Ins at Your School

Locker break-ins continue to be a higher concern due to students storing more and more valuable items such as computers/laptops, music devices and smart phones in their lockers throughout the day. Not to mention the ease of learning how to break into a lock through the internet. This is why Master Lock developed BlockGuard™ Anti-Shim technology, […]

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gym wall padding customized

Gym Wall Padding: Choosing the Set-Up That’s Right For You

Gym wall protection panels are an essential safety addition to any gymnasium. Not only will they improve the safety of your gym, they also improve the appearance and help absorb noise. The Panels can be personalized with your school name and are available in a wide range of colors.

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Operable Partition Safety And You. What You Need To Know!

It is a well know fact that New York State Requires Safety Devices on Operable Partition and Gym Curtains.  This is enforced by the New York State Education Department. History:   In January 2011, a 12 year –old Ithaca boy was trapped between a folding gymnasium   partition and a wall.  His death prompted a […]

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scoreboards gymnasium

Choosing a Scoreboard For Your Gymnasium: 3 Helpful Tips

If the old scoreboard in your gymnasium has reached the point that it must be replaced, don’t be too upset about having to buy a new one. It is a significant expense, but it also is a prime opportunity to modernize your gym. The resulting improvement will be well worth the investment—if you make smart purchasing decisions.

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basketball court renovation

3 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Gymnasium’s Basketball Court

A basketball court wears out over the years. The floor doesn’t have the spring it used to have. The baskets get loose. The court begins to take on a dingy appearance.

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portable basketball backstop

5 Tips to Buying a Portable Basketball Backstop

A portable basketball backstop generally includes a base with wheels, backboard, pole and rim. Portable units are practical. You can use them virtually anywhere, year round, and they’re a good choice for casual and recreational play as well as individual and team practice.

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indoor batting cages

How To Buy a Batting Cage For Your School’s Gymnasium

Purchasing indoor batting cages can be a particularly good decision for schools. Sometimes an indoor location is purely a necessity, when there isn’t enough room outdoors – even seasonally — to accommodate batting cages. But choosing an indoor batting cage also helps alleviate problems created when “unfriendly” weather encroaches on baseball and softball seasons.

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bleacher repairs and inspection

Bleacher Repairs and Safety Inspection

Every year, an estimated 20,000 people—adults and children—are injured in falls from bleacher or other accidents related to bleacher safety. Yet for many facilities managers and others responsible for bleachers, safety isn’t often a primary concern—until someone gets hurt. That’s too late.

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