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Rapid Patient Extraction

When your patients outnumber your resources, and seconds count, our

customers depend on our products to move patients fast.

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Stamford schools to replace dangerous cafeteria tables

  STAMFORD — After a decade of custodians getting hurt on the job while folding up and lifting cafeteria tables, the Board of Education is moving forward with plans to replace 342 of the school district’s 550 tables. The action came after a report from the City’s Risk Management Department indicated that worker’s compensation claims […]

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locker rooms refurbishing

Locker Rooms: When To Know If They Need Refurbishing

If the paint on your school or club gym lockers is flaking, peeling, or chipping, they need a refurbishment. Even if the paint has just grown dull and worn-looking with age, a locker refurbishment can breathe new life into the locker room.

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Why is everything wet?

by LIBN Staff Published: August 30, 2013 Read more: It’s a place 76 percent of Americans complain about, and no, we’re not talking about New Jersey. A recent national poll by The Trending Machine found that more than three-quarters of Americans have one or more complaints about public restrooms, with the most frequent concern being the […]

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high school lockers repair

High School Lockers: What To Do When They Need Repair

When high school lockers need repairing, it’s best to hire a company that specializes in locker repair. In fact, working with a professional locker maintenance and repair provider, your high school lockers can be looked after year-round, including combination changing for each new school year.

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Protect From Break-Ins at Your School

Locker break-ins continue to be a higher concern due to students storing more and more valuable items such as computers/laptops, music devices and smart phones in their lockers throughout the day. Not to mention the ease of learning how to break into a lock through the internet. This is why Master Lock developed BlockGuard™ Anti-Shim technology, […]

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changing locker combinations

Changing Locker Combinations: 3 Important Facts To Know

If you manage school lockers, you know that every year you need to change all the lock combinations so returning students won’t know the combinations. You also need to change combinations periodically during a school year when lockers change hands or if a combination gets out to students other than the user.

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painting school lockerss

Painting School Lockers: How Young Equipment Sales Can Help

School lockers with paint that’s peeling, chipping, or flaking need to be repainted to protect the metal and to improve appearance. Even if the paint is just fading, repainting can rejuvenate your lockers. The improvement in atmosphere created by freshly painted lockers is usually striking.

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Classroom Environment – A New Approach

The physical layout and environment of classrooms in general unequivocally relate to the academic achievement of its students. We have witnessed a rapid change in the social and cultural aspects of our society in addition to some phenomenal advances in communication and information technologies. These factors have contributed to shape the teaching and operating cultures […]

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How to Plan and Design a Healthcare Science Lab

Often, when an institution begins to plan for a new or renovated Science Lab for their Healthcare Facility, they enlist the help of a Lab Planner, their in-house Engineering Team or an Architectural Firm that may be under contract with their organization. And before a project begins, some preliminary work must be to determine the type on project that will evolve.

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