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Light up your world with LED lighting!

Light up your world with LED lighting! This is a project recently completed at the Long Island Jewish Community Center. They had existing HID lighting that made the area look dim, uninspirational and was expensive to power. Retrofitted with LED lighting, the space was transformed! Feedback from patrons has been phenomenal, reaction from facilities management […]

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Does Your Locker Room Look Like This?

Yes, your new lockers are bright and shiny, but does the floor look like this or is it covered with clothes, backpacks, and other items all over the floor. A locker room should be designed to accomodate what the students bring to the locker, to lock up. Otherwise, why call it a locker room?

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Plastic wood bases for your lockers

Plastic wood bases are a great solution for locker bases.  They anchor lockers to the wall at the top and bottom in rear, and into base through the bottom shelf. What are the benefits? They are hardy (can withstand activity such as being bumped into with cleaning machinery etc.) Do not need to be drilled into […]

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How to Design a Physical Education Locker Room

There are many variations of lockers available on the market, so how do you choose just the right one? When it comes to choosing or designing lockers for Physical Education class applications, there are size and security considerations. Following are some guidelines to help you make an informed decision: Size: For Physical Education lockers, you […]

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football locker room

How to Design a Football Locker Room

A school’s success on the football field is usually a particular point of pride for a school, so it only stands to reason that a school would want its football team to have the best resources possible—including luxurious locker rooms.

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team locker room

How To Design a High School Team Locker Room

If you’re building a brand new high school, you might have the luxury of designing exactly the team locker room you want. But many schools are faced with replacing old, inadequate gym lockers while accommodating several sports, within budget limitations.

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locker accessories

How to Buy Locker Accessories

Once you have found the right locker, it’s time to think about the accessories that you will need as well. There are many details that are important to consider when choosing the right locker accessories.

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high school lockers plastic

High School Lockers: Choosing Plastic Lockers For Humid Climates

Anytime you have metal high school lockers in close proximity to a pool, showers or sauna, you are exposing them to high humidity. The air is moist, and the lockers themselves are often used for wet swimsuits, towels, etc.

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theft in locker rooms

3 Keys to Minimizing Theft In Your School’s Locker Rooms

Theft in locker rooms is a crime of opportunity. Therefore, security is a major consideration when designing and outfitting school locker rooms.

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locker rooms refurbishing

Locker Rooms: When To Know If They Need Refurbishing

If the paint on your school or club gym lockers is flaking, peeling, or chipping, they need a refurbishment. Even if the paint has just grown dull and worn-looking with age, a locker refurbishment can breathe new life into the locker room.

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