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Rapid Patient Extraction

When your patients outnumber your resources, and seconds count, our

customers depend on our products to move patients fast.

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How to Plan and Design a Healthcare Science Lab

Often, when an institution begins to plan for a new or renovated Science Lab for their Healthcare Facility, they enlist the help of a Lab Planner, their in-house Engineering Team or an Architectural Firm that may be under contract with their organization. And before a project begins, some preliminary work must be to determine the type on project that will evolve.

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What Types Of Office Partitions Are Available For You Health Care Interiors?

No matter the profession, real estate always comes down to one thing: location. This holds true from just about any business, including medical health care. So, you may have found the absolute perfect location for your health care facility, but the interior of the building is less than adequate.

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What To Know About Lockers Before You Start Your Health Care Facility Design

Employee locker-room considerations are important in health care facility design because lockers have a real impact on job satisfaction. Lockers may not be at the top of the list of reasons to like a job, but they do matter.

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Which Window Coverings Are Right For Your Health Care Facility Design?

If you are looking for window coverings to incorporate in your health care facility Design the Draper flex shade is an excellent choice. Here are a few reasons to choose this window covering.

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healthcare furnishings casework

Healthcare Furnishings: Designing the Casework System To Fit Your Needs

When designing healthcare furnishings, your system of casework plays a vital role in the effectiveness of the design. More than almost any other industry, healthcare facilities demand casework to be of adequate size and in the exactly right location. In healthcare, there’s no time for casework that causes delays in access to critical medicine, equipment, and other supplies.

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