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Rapid Patient Extraction

When your patients outnumber your resources, and seconds count, our

customers depend on our products to move patients fast.

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10 Tips To Increase Participation

Transform the way students view the cafeteria by making changes to the environment: ‘Brand’ the cafeteria with a name (Could be based on school mascot, for example: ‘The Dog House’ or ‘Pirate’s Cove’) Introduce a color scheme to the dining and serving area Install a variety of seating types (Booths, Counters, Hi-top Tables) Create a […]

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How to Plan and Design a Healthcare Science Lab

Often, when an institution begins to plan for a new or renovated Science Lab for their Healthcare Facility, they enlist the help of a Lab Planner, their in-house Engineering Team or an Architectural Firm that may be under contract with their organization. And before a project begins, some preliminary work must be to determine the type on project that will evolve.

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5 Ways Yes Can Help Your Company Create A Healthy Workplace

Progressive companies work to promote healthy workplaces because they understand that healthy employees produce more and lower health insurance costs.

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Health & Wellness In The Workplace: How Staying Healthy Can Make You More Viable at Work

Promoting employee health and wellness simply makes good business sense. Every business knows how absenteeism and the spiraling cost of employee health care can eat up profits.

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Mental & Physical Wellness: How The Two Go Hand-In-Hand

There’s plenty of research that shows that mental health is closely tied to physical wellness. Indeed, according to a report by the U.S. Surgeon General, physical wellness and mental health are “inseparable.”

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Workplace Wellness: Where To Start?

Working in an office can be an unhealthy thing. We certainly aren’t getting our hearts pumping while we spend all those hours behind our desks. And those long periods of inactivity are bad for us. Most people are too busy at work to take long lunch hours to go the gym. And people have families and social lives. Exercise often gets neglected at home, too.

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