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Why is everything wet?

by LIBN Staff Published: August 30, 2013 Read more: It’s a place 76 percent of Americans complain about, and no, we’re not talking about New Jersey. A recent national poll by The Trending Machine found that more than three-quarters of Americans have one or more complaints about public restrooms, with the most frequent concern being the […]

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Experience The Dyson Air Blade Hand Dryer

      If your facility hasn’t switched over to the Dyson Air Blade hand dryer, it’s time to ask yourself why. Traditional hand dryers use a harsh, energy-hungry heating element, which can actually bake germs onto your hands as it dries. However, our close partnership with Dyson Air Blade now enables YES to offer […]

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Why Hand Dryers Are Better Than Paper Towels

If you’re trying to decide between paper towels and hand dryers in your business, you probably think about the environmental friendliness of hand dryers as their biggest advantage.

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