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Why is everything wet?

by LIBN Staff Published: August 30, 2013 Read more: It’s a place 76 percent of Americans complain about, and no, we’re not talking about New Jersey. A recent national poll by The Trending Machine found that more than three-quarters of Americans have one or more complaints about public restrooms, with the most frequent concern being the […]

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A guide to choosing commercial washroom design and bathroom partition materials.

When designing a washroom, there are several partition materials that can be used, each with its own strong point, depending on its particular application. The least expensive option is a product composed of baked enamel painted steel over a paper honeycomb core. Usually, this is the type of partition that you would find in schools, […]

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toilet partition materials

What Type of Material Should I Use For My Toilet Partition Renovation?

When undergoing a toilet partition renovation, there are a wide range of materials to choose from, and you should consider your specific needs and budget carefully before choosing from among them. Factors to consider include amount of expected use, susceptibility to vandalism, vulnerability to fire, architectural aesthetics, upfront cost, and ongoing maintenance cost.

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hand dryers benefits

Why Hand Dryers Are Better Than Paper Towels

If you’re trying to decide between paper towels and hand dryers in your business, you probably think about the environmental friendliness of hand dryers as their biggest advantage.

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