bleacher repairs and inspection

Bleacher Repairs and Safety Inspection

bleacher repairs and inspectionEvery year, an estimated 20,000 people—adults and children—are injured in falls from bleacher or other accidents related to bleacher safety.

Yet for many facilities managers and others responsible for bleachers, safety isn’t often a primary concern—until someone gets hurt. That’s too late.

Regular safety inspections will reveal the bleacher repair that needs to be done on an ongoing basis, before it becomes the cause of a crisis.

Don’t wait for an official safety inspector to evaluate your safety. Be proactive and routinely check over your bleachers and immediately make the necessary bleacher repair.


  • Are guardrails used on the back and open end of bleachers that are at least 30 inches or more above the ground? If a footboard,seatboard, or aisle is higher than that, you need those guardrails. A fall from 30 inches is enough to cause a serious injury, especially for a small child.
  • Are your guardrails at least 42 inches above the adjacent footboards, seatboards, or aisles? If not, they need to raised or replaced.
  • Above 30 inches, do you have openings large enough for a 4-inch-diameter sphere to pass through? If so, the openings are hazardous and could allow a leg to slip through and get stuck.
  • If you have chain-link fencing around your bleachers, is the mesh size more than 1.25 square inches? Larger openings than this are hazardous.
  • Are your bleachers constructed so that people are using the bleachers themselves to climb? Providing enough space between bleachers to discourage this will help keep people from stumbling and falling.


A bleacher repair that can dramatically improve safety is simply installing non-slip surfaces. Adding handrails and guardrails is also always a good idea. And of course, if there are structural problems such as bleachers that are broken, these problems should instigate a call for immediate bleacher repair.

Look at your bleachers as a danger zone. Identify every possible hazard and work to correct it. And don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are companies with expertise in bleacher inspection, repair, retrofitting, and installation who can bring a professional eye and skill to the job.

Sometimes, starting over with a new installation is the best option, but often all it takes is some bleacher repair to make unsafe bleachers risk-free.