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football locker room

How to Design a Football Locker Room

A school’s success on the football field is usually a particular point of pride for a school, so it only stands to reason that a school would want its football team to have the best resources possible—including luxurious locker rooms.

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team locker room

How To Design a High School Team Locker Room

If you’re building a brand new high school, you might have the luxury of designing exactly the team locker room you want. But many schools are faced with replacing old, inadequate gym lockers while accommodating several sports, within budget limitations.

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locker accessories

How to Buy Locker Accessories

Once you have found the right locker, it’s time to think about the accessories that you will need as well. There are many details that are important to consider when choosing the right locker accessories.

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theft in locker rooms

3 Keys to Minimizing Theft In Your School’s Locker Rooms

Theft in locker rooms is a crime of opportunity. Therefore, security is a major consideration when designing and outfitting school locker rooms.

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locker rooms refurbishing

Locker Rooms: When To Know If They Need Refurbishing

If the paint on your school or club gym lockers is flaking, peeling, or chipping, they need a refurbishment. Even if the paint has just grown dull and worn-looking with age, a locker refurbishment can breathe new life into the locker room.

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high school lockers

How To Choose High School Lockers

When it comes to choosing the right high school locker, it’s important to understand what your options are and what’s best for your school. Choosing the right selection of lockers will show your commitment to making sure that the students have a safe and secure place to put their belongings.

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high school lockers repair

High School Lockers: What To Do When They Need Repair

When high school lockers need repairing, it’s best to hire a company that specializes in locker repair. In fact, working with a professional locker maintenance and repair provider, your high school lockers can be looked after year-round, including combination changing for each new school year.

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changing locker combinations

Changing Locker Combinations: 3 Important Facts To Know

If you manage school lockers, you know that every year you need to change all the lock combinations so returning students won’t know the combinations. You also need to change combinations periodically during a school year when lockers change hands or if a combination gets out to students other than the user.

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painting school lockerss

Painting School Lockers: How Young Equipment Sales Can Help

School lockers with paint that’s peeling, chipping, or flaking need to be repainted to protect the metal and to improve appearance. Even if the paint is just fading, repainting can rejuvenate your lockers. The improvement in atmosphere created by freshly painted lockers is usually striking.

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fitness locker

How To Choose The Right Fitness Locker For Your Facility

When designing or renovating a locker room for a health club, you must first determine how many fitness lockers you need. Figure out the maximum number of people who could be using the club at any time, being sure to account for all activity areas.

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