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Double Tier Lockers with Casework for Elementary Schools

Attention Elementary Schools: Let us help you maximize your space in your classrooms… If your lockers are in the back of the classroom, a nice way to increase space is to replace them with 24″ high double tier lockers, and install casework cabinets on side, and casework shelves on top for the teacher’s use. Contact Young […]

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Getting The Best Lockers For Your Campus Recreation Center

Many colleges and universities provide a campus recreation center, or even multiple centers, depending on the size of the campus. At each center, students and faculty need lockers to store their books and other belongings while they participate in the activities the center offers.

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3 Reasons To Buy Ballara Seating For Any Campus

With an understanding of the importance of collaboration, many businesses and other organizations have begun focusing on their lounge areas. They realize that lounges provide a great place for employees to leave their offices or cubicles and spend time with other employees for awhile—trading ideas and building trust and respect among each other.

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3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Window Coverings Now!

An important aspect of maintaining health care interiors is paying attention to your window coverings. Broken or damaged window coverings can cost you money, as well as simply look bad.

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stage rigging

Stage Rigging Safety, and Stage Rigging Inspections, Important Facts You Need To Know

Why you need a Rigging System inspection:
Rigging systems are subjected to varied amounts of use and, in some cases, abuse. To insure that your system is operating safely and efficiently, it should be inspected on a regular basis. In addition, OSHA requires that all hoisting machinery be inspected annually.

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What Types Of Office Partitions Are Available For You Health Care Interiors?

No matter the profession, real estate always comes down to one thing: location. This holds true from just about any business, including medical health care. So, you may have found the absolute perfect location for your health care facility, but the interior of the building is less than adequate.

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4 Seating Choices For University Interiors

When outfitting your college or university with seating, there are a number of options for a number of venues. Four main university interiors to consider are: Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Study and Lounge Areas, and the Cafeteria.

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theater lights

Choosing and Maintaining Auditorium Theater Lights

Theater lights are just as important a factor in the design of an auditorium as acoustics, seating, and the stage itself. If the lighting is bad, all the other elements can be perfect, but the audience will still have a negative impression of the auditorium—and of the performance. Poor lighting is simply amateurish.

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Window Coverings For Any Lecture Hall Design

Window covering design is an aspect of a lecture hall which plays a significant role not only aesthetically, but also its importance for the functionality of the room is key.

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What To Look For When Buying Lecture Hall Seats

Lecture hall seats are a critical aspect of how well the lecture hall fulfills its educational purposes. If there aren’t enough seats to accommodate the necessary number of students, that shortage obviously will detract from the educational benefits of the hall. And even if there are enough seats, if they’re uncomfortable, the students will be distracted from the lectures.

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