3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Window Coverings Now!

Hospital windowsAn important aspect of maintaining health care interiors is paying attention to your window coverings. Broken or damaged window coverings can cost you money, as well as simply look bad.

Appearance may seem trivial in the context of providing health care, but health care interiors create an impression that impacts a patient’s mental state of mind, which is important in treatment. Shabby window coverings suggest a lack of attention to detail that can be troubling to patients, even if these impressions are only unconscious. Uninspired window treatments also don’t help employee morale at all.

Three signs that your window coverings are due for replacement are:

1. A Rise In Your Energy Bills

Many window coverings provide insulation, as well as protect against overheating due to excessive sunlight penetration. If your heating or cooling costs have risen significantly, poorly designed or damaged window coverings could be part of the cause.

2. Broken Slats

If you have broken slats on your window blinds, it’s definitely time to replace the coverings with new window treatments. Broken slats let in too much light, which drives up energy costs. They also allow people to see in.

3. Unexciting Design.

Even if your window coverings are still functioning well, if they are visually unappealing, a change is warranted. This isn’t just a defensive strategy—trying not to look bad. Newer, more-attractive window treatments can do wonders for your office environment, perking up patients and staff.

There are a wide variety of window covering options for health care interiors that can rejuvenate the décor (e.g., wood blinds, drapes).

Takeaway Point

Maintaining health care interiors is important for aesthetic and energy-saving reasons, and window coverings should be included in that maintenance. If they’re causing energy costs to be higher than necessary, or if they are dull and worn-looking, replacement is in order.

Photo Credit: Hospital Windows  by Ben Husmann